Solo shows

Darling I Don’t Sell Dreams…

…with pockets full of promises and a heart full hopes we find a modern day siren inviting us to her world of glamour and intrigue. Darling, I Don’t Sell Dreams…, a solo performance combining movement, voice and the element of danger, draws upon Hanna’s fascination of the public and private personas of silver screen sirens. […]

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My Heart Became this Monster

My Heart became this Monster is a self-choreographed solo based on non-verbal communication where the performer’s body serves as a tool to communicate what remains beyond words.   Performer & Choreography: Hanna Wroblewski Lighting Design: Mike Toon and Justyna Janiszewska Costume Design: Erika Charters   Music Scores: ‘Escape’ – Jóhann Jóhannsson ‘Frá uphafi’ – Ólafur […]

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HANNA Artist

HANNA is an interdisciplinary performer and choreographer based in London and Germany. She uses choreography, movement, and self-made sound as the main force of expression in the investigation of pertinent social and historical issues and discovers, collects, and honours stories. HANNA’s performances exist on the verge of the surreal. She creates visceral worlds of magical realism that are a shared experience between performer and audience.

Photograph by Eulanda Shead Osagiede

Who is HANNA? Meet the Team

Creative Director: Hanna Wroblewski (GER/UK)

Hanna Wroblewski, described by Graham Watts as one of the top five choreographers to watch out for, is an international dance performance artist based in London and Germany.

Her professional dance education began in Hamburg in 2007, where she trained and graduated with a first-class degree in Dance Pedagogy from the Erika Klütz Schule. She worked as a freelance dance pedagogue and coach in Germany until 2010. Hanna then moved to London to undertake her Master of Fine Arts in Choreography at Roehampton University, where she graduated in 2012 with Merit. Furthermore, she is a 300hr certified yoga teacher and the founder of the project HERU Yoga for the Blind.

Hanna's artistic focus is on developing and performing her solo work, in which she uses movement as her main tool of expression. In her work, she addresses and investigates pertinent social and historical issues and invites the audience to witness and experience her world of magical realism. Hanna is passionate about creating art that moves the audience on a visceral level, focussing on dissecting and challenging the performer-audience relationship.

Working collaboratively is at the core of all her work and she loves to work across disciplines and has an extensive portfolio of working on theatre and music productions in London and Germany.

So far she has created two solo pieces: ‘My Heart became this Monster’ and ‘Darling, I don’t sell dreams…’ both of which have been incredibly well received by the public and critics alike, including rave reviews by Graham Watts, Donald Hutera and Nicholas Minns.

HANNA has performed at venues/festivals across the U.K. and Germany, including Donald Hutera's GOlive (London, Oxford, Winchester) and venues such as The Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Space, Richmix, Sadler's Wells, and the Lichthof Theater Hamburg.

She is currently in the R&D phase for her new solo project ZAUBERLAND (working title), which is supported by the Goethe Institute London, University of Roehampton and Clarence Mews Space.

Lighting Designer: Lucy Hansom (UK)
Designer: Joseph Bisat Marshall (UK)
Composer: Simone Sistarelli (UK/IT)
Photographer: Kiraly Saint Claire (UK/CAR) & Eulanda Shead Osagiede (UK/US)
Producer: Moving Art Management

List of Projects

2022/23 – ZAUBERLAND – New solo show - In development supported by the Goethe Institute London
2016 – Darling, I Don’t Sell Dreams… (UK/London)
2012 – My Heart Became This Monster (UK/London)

2021/22 - Creative Direction of Dance Re:Ignite Project (UK/Hertforshire)
2016 - Darling, I don't sell dreams... (UK/London, Oxford)
2016 – De Profundis The Voice of Three (UK/Aldeburgh)
2014 – Le Malade Imaginaire (UK/London)
2012 – Run with the Wild (GER/Celle)
2012 – Auf Wiedersehn’, my Dear (UK/London)
2011 – Pretty Little Things (GER/Celle)

2019 - I think at you by Mil Vukovic (UK/London)
2016 – De Profundis The Voice of Three by Bartosz Glowacki (UK/Aldeburgh)
2014 – And Time Yet by Amy Watson (UK/London)
2012 – Public Display of Affection by Amy Watson (UK/London)
2011 – I Did a Very Bad Thing by Colette Brandenburg (UK/London/ US/ Los Angeles)
2011 – This Body She Wore by Amy Watson(UK/London)